President’s Message

Salam Sejahtera

Welcome to the Industrial Court Malaysia (ICM), Ministry of Human Resources located at Wisma Perkeso, Jalan Tun Razak (WPJTR) Kuala Lumpur.  On behalf of the Chairmen and staff of ICM, allow me as the President to extend my warmest wishes and a blessed New Year 2018 to the industrial law practitioners, representatives of the union and employers as well as all other relevant stakeholders.

The massive move by ICM from Wisma Straits Trading to WPJTR marks a new milestone and chapter in the history of ICM commencing 18 December 2017 in providing a more conducive and harmonious environment with the state of the art facilities.  

We foresee a challenging year ahead pursuant to the ICM Transformation Plan with the establishment of the Task Force Courts focused in disposing cases more expeditiously and effectively, henceforth promoting industrial harmony and dispensing social justice.  


   “Industrial Court @ WPJTR on the go,

   Memories in Wisma Straits Trading remains, a new one grow. 


   Let's resounds this new year, with good things to show, 

   Striving the best, with industrial harmony status quo.


   This year together, we embrace with enthusiast,

   and let's hope for serenity with each sunrise.”  


Thank you & Regards.




Industrial Court Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur


8 January 2018