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The pilot project of the Technology Court which was implemented in November 2010 was completed in November 2011. The preliminary findings show that whilst technology has expedited the hearing of cases, the main impediment in the expeditious disposal of cases are the requests for postponement of the hearing dates. In future, the court will be slow in granting such requests. Judicial time is a valuable resource and must be utilised efficiently.

With new patterns of employment emerging, there are an increasing number of applications for the joinder or substitution of parties in cases involving the dismissal of workmen. Practice Note No. 1 of 2011 was issued in order to provide uniformity of procedure in the making of such applications.

I thank our partners in the administration of justice for the cooperation which they have given us.

Susila Sithamparam
Industrial Court of Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur

Dated : 3 January 2012.