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Logo eIC


Meaning of The Logo

Colours of Blue and White
The white and blue colours represent the workmen who appear at the Industrial Court i.e. the white collar workmen and blue collar workmen.

The Hand Holding The Electronic Mouse
This symbol indicates that members of the public are able to review and ascertain the status of cases online through the internet.

Five Blue Spheres
These spheres represent global accessibility of the eIC.

The Brownish Red Link
This reflects the speed at which information may be accessed through the eIC.

The Box Encompassing The Logo.
This represents the Rule of Law which is one of the five principles of the Rukun Negara

We promise to provide an efficient and just service for the benefit of our clients as follows :-

To dispose dismissal cases which have been referred to the Industrial Court within sixteen (16) months and other cases within twelve (12) months

To hand down awards within three (3) months from the date of the last submission

To accord cognizance to collective agreements within six (6) weeks of deposition with the Court.

To hear and hand down decisions or awards in industrial disputes referred to it by the Minister or directly by the parties.


To grant cognisance to the collective agreements which have been jointly deposited by the employers/ trade union of employers and trade union of employees.


To create a harmonious industrial environment through the process of arbitration pursuant to the Industrial Relations Act 1967.

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